Shadow over Wintertide (Digital Edition) [EN]


Shadow over Wintertide is a Fifth Edition compatible adventure for 3rd-level characters.


Save the midwinter festival in this chilling adventure for the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

A party of adventurers is hopelessly lost in the Iron Crown Mountains. Last night—numb from the cold—they dreamed of the spiced wine and delicacies that are part of the Winter’s Eve festival. The howling wind and a snowstorm make them doubt if they will live to experience next year’s celebrations.

In the mining village of Sternhem, last night’s festivities were a great success. Now the dwarves have fearfully retreated into their homes, doors and windows bolted shut. The Winter Father’s gifts cast a dark shadow this year—threatening to cost the villagers what they hold most dear.

But then, a mysterious light lures the adventurers along…

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1 december 2021



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