Shattered Light

“In the beginning, there was Gray Nothingness—timeless and infinite Twilight. Then the gray divided into white and black: Light and Darkness. Light took the form of a radiant entity named Asharta, who created a world saturated with light and color before falling into a deep, exhausted sleep. But Darkness, a formless presence named Draug, lay lurking in the shadows...”

from ‘The World of Shattered Light

Shattered Light is the campaign setting in which the adventures published by Heroes on Paper take place.

Enter Phraxys, a world of mortal gods, ambitious mortals and constant change.

Shortly after the creation of Phraxys, the divine power broke into pieces. The shards fell into the hands of mortals, who gained immense power as a result. They used the shards – or Colors They used the shards – or Colors – to remake the world in their own vision. The new gods continued to interfere directly with life on Phraxys: they influenced the rise and flourishing of civilizations.

But the gods could never feel safe. When the first of them died at the hand of an ambitious servant, they realized that the Colors had not granted them immortality. The power they had acquired could also be taken away from them. Suspicion and hunger for power caused them to turn against each other. Alliances were forged and broken.

Phraxys is a world of constant change. From time to time, the wars of the gods make the entire world tremble until it threatens to break. But even in times of peace the world is never static. Each new god or goddess makes adjustments to the original design of the world. Phraxys is therefore populated by a wide variety of races and species. Mighty empires rise and fall to the rhythm of the life and death of their gods.

In the upcoming adventures, the world of Phraxys will be slowly revealed… and changed.

More information about the campaign setting can be found at the back of each adventure.